U-Desk - Your $200 Day Desk

U-Desk from Compass Offices gives you access to a desk in a shared office in a prime Hong Kong location for the incredible price of $200 HKD a day!

Entrepreneur, student or tourist — escape the distractions of public spaces and work in a secure professional environment. 

Take a seat at your U-Desk and maximise your day's work.

Simply book your U-Desk in one of our prime Hong Kong locations for $200, connect to our secure, high speed WiFi, help yourself to free coffee, and you're good to go.

It really is as simple as that: no contracts or memberships necessary. Reserve your U-Desk today!

What You Get With U-Desk:

  • Desk, chair and pedestal in a prime Hong Kong location for just $200 HKD a day
  • Conducive work environment shared with like-minded people (no comparison to a crammed coffee-shop!)
  • No contract, tie-ins, memberships or hidden charges
  • Come and go as you want between 9am and 6pm
  • Free wifi, tea, coffee and water
  • Access to secretarial and admin services (charges apply)

U-Desk is available at the following Business Centres:

$200 Day Desk
68 yeee wo street
68 Yee Wo Street, Causeway Bay
Monthly Private Offices
Monthly Private Offices


What is U-Desk?

U-Desk is your full-day workspace in a shared office, in a convenient business centre. Booking your U-Desk is a very cost-efficient and easy way to maximise your work efficiency in a secure environment. 

U-Desk bookings are straightforward, with no strings attached (neither contracts nor memberships necessary). 

Is U-Desk really just $200?

Yes! For just $200 you have the freedom of using your personal professional workspace for a full working day, from 9am to 6pm.

What's included?

You get to use a high quality desk, chair and lockable cabinet in one of our shared offices. Free secure WiFi, and beverages (tea, coffee, water) for the day. 

How often can I use the U-Desk?

Book your U-Desk for as many times as you need it, for one day at a time, subject to availability. 

If you need access to a desk for several successive days we can of course arrange that for you too, through alternative packages. 

How do I pay?

You simply pay on arrival at the business centre, either cash or by credit card. 

I am already a Compass client, can I use U-Desk too? 

Yes, you are very welcome to make use of this offer.

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